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What is SurveyTicker?

SurveyTicker is an App, widget, gadget or XML feed that scours the internet for paying surveys and streams them live to the SurveyTicker website, your desktop, mobile device and social networks. The Ticker is similar to a stock ticker or RSS feed.


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Why take online surveys?

Businesses are always launching new products and services and improving existing ones. Companies
conduct online surveys to compile consumer
opinions about their products and services before they hit the marketplace. Survey results can influence the future of these products and services, making your opinion very valuable to these companies. This is why they give rewards to online survey takers - like you!


You won’t get rich taking online surveys, but you
certainly can get extra spending cash and great
merchandise - all for spending 20-30 minutes
giving your opinion.


Typical “panel” sites spam their users and waste their time with worthless junk. SurveyTicker is not another panel site. We are an aggregator of the top paying surveys from all over the Web, and we bring them to you in one versatile app. And the best part is we DO NOT sell your information to other sites.


Don’t be fooled by those ads you see on TV.
SurveyTicker only offers real surveys that pay real rewards.


We bring surveys directly to you. Just click, give your opinions and earn cash, coupons, merchandise or Amazon gift codes.

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