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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQClick on a question and the answer will popup below it. You also can go to the Learn More section for more details about how the Ticker itself works and about the RedeemItNow redemption process.

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General Questions
What is SurveyTicker?
SurveyTicker is a unique survey management tool which aggregates available paid surveys from multiple sources to one central location. Surveys are displayed to users as soon as they become available on the SurveyTicker website.
How does SurveyTicker get surveys?
SurveyTicker does not create surveys. SurveyTicker aggregates surveys from multiple sources.
What is the SurveyTicker gadget?
The SurveyTicker gadget is a web application which allows you to view, manage, and take PAID online surveys and participate in other offers at your convenience. It provides a live feed of the most recent surveys and offers available to you. You can also view your rewards details on the flip side of the gadget.
My Account
How do I become a SurveyTicker user?
Becoming a SurveyTicker user is easy. Simply provide your email address and a password. Update your profile at your convenience to maximize your cash earning potential.
How will I know when I have surveys available?
SurveyTicker will send you an email alert when new surveys become available. It's best to periodically check SurveyTicker so that you are always aware of the latest surveys and new offers. The SurveyTicker will display the offer type, the length of the survey or offer, and the reward.
I forgot my username and password. How can I get them back?
If you have any difficulties with SurveyTicker, please feel free to contact customer care. Contact information for customer care can be found on the customer care tab on the SurveyTicker website.
Payments & Rewards
How am I compensated for participating in surveys and offers?
We compensate our users with itcoin.
How long before RedeemItNow exchanges my itcoin for cash in PayPal?
It can take up to 3 business days for cash to transfer from bank to bank. Cashouts during weekends or holidays may take longer.
What are itcoin?
Unlike other competitors, we compensate you for your opinions in the form of itcoin. itcoin can be redeemed for a number of exciting rewards, such as CASH, gift certificates, and FREE products!
How many itcoin do I have to be eligible to collect my rewards?
You must have 10,000 itcoin before you can cashout.
What is RedeemItNow?
RedeemItNow is your rewards center where you can redeem your itcoin for great rewards. RedeemItNow feature PayPal cash, Amazon gift certificate codes, and a number of products available in the RedeemItNow store.
What is a RedeemItNow voucher and how do I use it?
A RedeemItNow voucher is another incentive that we offer to show our appreciation for your participation. You can use your vouchers to get deep discounts on products available in the RedeemItNow store.
When can I use a voucher?
You can use a RedeemItNow voucher as soon as you earn 10 voucher dollars.
Can I get a product for free by putting together all of my vouchers?
No. However, you can combine vouchers to get a deeper discount. When you cashout in the RedeemItNow store, we will indicate how many vouchers you have available to use on the product you wish to purchase.
Can I shop in the RedeemItNow store even if I don't have any vouchers or any itcoin?
Absolutely! RedeemItNow accepts most major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.
Can I really get CASH for taking surveys?
Yes! You can redeem your itcoin for PayPal cash.
Do I have to have a PayPal Account to get cash?
Yes, you must setup a PayPal Account BEFORE you cashout through the RedeemItNow Rewards Center with PayPal.
Is there a cost for PayPal cash via RedeemItNow?
You will not be asked to pay any of the banking fees which PayPal charges RedeemItNow for the distribution of cash. The conversion calculator will tell you exactly how much cash you can get.
How long will it take to credit my account with itcoin?
It will generally take 30 days to credit your account. Your account will be credited when the specific survey provider verifies your valid participation in the survey.
Is there a reason why a survey provider would not validate my participation in a survey?

Sometimes it takes more than 30 days to be credited, so please be patient. If you still aren't credited it is more than likely due to the following reasons that were listed in the Terms of Service which you agreed to when registering with SurveyTicker:

  • Registering by giving false or misleading information
  • Changing your profile and giving false or misleading information
  • Creating multiple accounts
  • Taking the same survey more than once
  • Attempting to take a survey, not qualifying as a tester, then taking the same survey again with knowledge of the requirements of the qualifying process
  • Informing another person of the requirements for a the survey qualifying process
  • Intentionally giving faulty responses on a survey
  • Completing a survey so quickly that you would not have been physically able to read the questions
  • Posting our links to surveys anywhere on the Internet
  • Registering if you are under the age of 13 years old
  • If you do not fit a specific tester profile in a survey invitation, but attempt to take the survey anyway
  • Registering or changing user profile with usernames or email addresses that we deem indecent
  • Being unable to answer profile verification questions
Is my personal information protected?
Yes. SurveyTicker views security as a top priority. Your profile information will never be revealed to third parties.
Technical Issues
What is the SurveyTicker Gadget?
The SurveyTicker Gadget is a service that streams surveys to your desktop. The Gadget is not one single application, you have several choices how you can access SurveyTicker.
What are the different SurveyTicker applications?
We have several different methods to stream surveys to you!
  • Desktop Widget
  • Windows Gadget
  • Facebook Application
  • MySpace Application
  • Or directly from the SurveyTicker Website
Widget? Gadget? This sounds like a toy shop!
Sort of, yes! There are a variety of technologies we use, so there are a variety of names. We wanted to give you fun and convenient ways to access your surveys online, from one place.
What is the difference between the applications?
Only their appearance, and their back-end technology. Each SurveyTicker application does the same thing: stream surveys to you, and serves as a gateway to your SurveyTicker account. This way you have a wider choice of which one you want to use.
What does the SurveyTicker Gadget actually do?
It does a few things:
  • Logs you in securely to your SurveyTicker account.
  • Lists surveys for which you qualify in real time, so you just click on the survey and start taking it.
  • Shows you how many itcoin you have accumulated by taking surveys.
  • Links you to our online store.
I've signed up, which application should I use?
It's your choice, but there are some prerequisites. We recommend installing only one application.

For all Gadgets, you must have:
  • Windows Vista or Windows 7 (Operating System must support the Gadget Technology)
  • Internet Explorer 7 or above, or Firefox 2.5 and above
For the Desktop Widget:
  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6. 1. This should automatically install when you go to our download page. If Java does not automatically install, please contact us at
For the Windows Gadget:
  • Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Vista Sidebar must be enabled.
I have a Mac, can I use SurveyTicker?
SurveyTicker is currently designed and tested for Windows platforms only, although we are planning support for Mac in the near future. You can access SurveyTicker, MySpace and Facebook applications on a Mac, but we cannot guarantee they will work correctly, and cannot offer support to Mac users who attempt to use them.
Once we have completed rigorous quality assurance testing, we will make an announcement that Macs are officially supported, with its own version of the SurveyTicker Gadgets. We hope to have Mac users up and running in the very near future!
I'm having difficulty installing my application of choice.
Email us at and we will assist you with your installation.
Do the Gadgets use much bandwidth?
Hardly any at all! You can keep it running all the time without any impact to your internet browsing or other streaming media.
Are the Gadgets secure?
Absolutely. We use 1024 bit public key encryption to protect your information. When you sign in via one of our applications, you are communicating with our system over an encrypted stream.
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